About us

We are technology entrepreneurs looking to make food
system resilient under emerging climatic and systematic

Our mission

We are a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about making the world achieve
food security. We believe by utilising technology and data , we can enable the capital
market to develop good understanding of the hazards and vulnerabilities affecting the
agriculture sector in various regions. This would allow more risk capital to flow
through the value chain and allow farmers and agribusinesses to have access
to products that protects their livelihood.

Agriculture & food security

We care about our Agriculture.

Natural resources

We care about Natural resources and their sustainability under
climate change..

Agriculture & food security

We care about farming and climate resilient agriculture.

Rural empowerment

We care about rural empowerment, economic and social impact in
rural community.

Management Team

A team of risk professionals with experience in insurance, trade, credit and investment backgrounds with
experience in global businesses.

Dr Srini Sundaram


Founder & CEO

Srini is a technology entrepreneur based in London with experience in financial technology, risk, engineering. He has Co-founded Aire, a financial technology startup based in London with a new credit score to help people to qualify for essential financial products and Squidmint, an SME Peer to Peer lending platform in UK to enable under served businesses to access credit. Prior to these ventures he has worked in leading digital finance brands such as Wonga and assisted a leading digital lender in Europe. Srini is deeply passionate about natural resources, rural economy, empowerment and driven by his desire to help community in need using technology.

Lorenzo Savi

Lorenzo Savi has more than 20 years of experience in Corporates and Investment Banks gained in Italy, Singapore, Stockholm, Luxembourg and London. Lorenzo has been working as Chief Risk Officer in the Agricultural Trade House Sodrugestvo, while in his Banking career he held several Senior roles, within Derivatives and Commodities, in BBVA, BOFA, and specifically as Head of Soft & Ags in Rabobank, JP Morgan, Jefferies Bache.

Martin Massey

Martin has over 25 years of risk management experience in the insurance industry having senior risk consulting positions with Swiss Re, Aon, AIG, Willis and Marsh. Martin's skills include the design of Enterprise Risk Management frameworks, Risk Financing and captives for large corporates and modelling across a wide range of industry sectors and risk classes.He has undertaken advanced research projects in areas including Man Made Catastrophe modelling,Offshore Property and Climate Change where he gained a distinction in his MBA on “hedging weather risk from temperature volatility”.Martin holds an MBA from Kingston Business School and a BSc (Hons) in Economics and Accountancy from The City University (CASS Business School).

Advisory Board

Santiago Tenorio

Santiago is Director of Global Partnerships and Innovation at American Express. In this capacity, he is responsible for assessing partnership opportunities for Amex in emerging FinTech sectors globally. Prior to joining Amex, Santiago spent a number of years as an entrepreneur running diverse businesses including a mobile games development studio, an award-winning restaurant booking service, and a cold-pressed juice business. Prior to his startup ventures, Santiago spent 4.5 years at BlackRock where he managed risk for clients' multi-asset class investment portfolios in the hundreds of billions in AUM and before that, started his career as an Investment Banking analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Tim Hyde

"A former Investment Manager with 25 years’ experience in managing major institutional portfolios. Now he manages a small family trust fund invested in equity markets, alternative assets such as wind and solar power installations, private equity, property and venture capital investments.
He has experience in investment consulting roles and managing his own leisure businesses and was a founder lender 10 years ago on Zopa, the Peer to Peer lender."

Philip Action

"Philip has worked in banking and microfinance for 30 years. He began his career in retail banking with HSBC Bank in London, Brunei and Hong Kong. He was a member of the team that established Triodos Bank, a specialist social and environmental bank, in the UK in 1995. He was appointed Head of Personal Banking at Triodos Bank UK in 2005.

Philip has managed a number of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Zimbabwe and Malawi, both of which provide microfinance in rural areas. Latterly, Philip was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Accès Banque Madagascar (ABM), a full service national micro finance bank serving 110,000 savers and 26,000 micro and SME businesses throughout Madagascar."

Our partners

We work with world's leading organisations who are with similar mission ad ethos to
make Agriculture a growing sector and sustain global food production output. Our
partners ecosystem include capital market participants, national space agencies,
government organisations and private sector.

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We are one step away from serving the community in enabling Access to Capital
and Access to Protection