Welcome to Agvesto

A next generation financial platform
for Green bonds and Agricultural insurance markets

Real-time data powered by satellite technology

A platform that is aimed to be the financial guardian of farmers and transform their
lives with capital and the protection instruments.

Enable sustainable investments into land use and agriculture

We enable investment community to make better decisions.

Reliable real-time data

We process and provide worldwide data using earth observation satellites and other various reliable data sources.


Our platform is secure and compliant.

Understand weather & climate impact on your portfolio

We provide weather and climate risk insights and help you to understand the impact.

Supply chain insight

We provide trading houses with price volatility forecasts and production risk drivers.

Protect long term land investments

We provide reliable and continuous worldwide coverage to protect investments against emerging risks.

The Agvesto platform

We use machine learning and AI to process Terabytes of data everyday and deliver real time risk analysis
and enabling clients to hedge their risk exposure.

Our products

Our products are designed with transparency in mind by unlocking the complexities of products sold.


Access Bond intelligence with Agvesto’s Bond Rating. We provides transparency to both investors and issuers with a risk analysis using rich physical asset level data

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Our mission is to proudly partner with Farmers providing a risk management solution that reflects across all markets, preparing growers for the future challenges faced by agriculture.

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We are one step away from serving the community in enabling Access to Capital
and Access to Protection