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A simple to use Insurance platform that protects your agricultural assets and assist entities in mobilising Green Capital for Sustainable Development Goals.

Your Trusted Protection partner

We are a platform that is aimed to be the financial guardian of farmers and transform their
lives with protection instruments and mobilise green capital to SDG Goals worldwide.

Protection against Natural Hazards

Our platform will provide cover against Perils such as Drought, Heatwave Hail, Flood (All in selected US states only)

Partner with Insurance carriers and MGAs

We partner with Insurance Companies, Agencies to design and bring the best in class products to agricultural market.

Green Bonds for Sustainable Development Goals

We provide AI driven services to Green Bond Issuers (State, Municipalities, Corporations) pre-issuance and post issuance throughout the lifecycle.

Powered by High Resolution GeoSpatial Data

We combine IoT, Remote Sensing, Weather and Climate data from national agencies for Product design such as Triggers, Limits by Underwriters.

Sustainable Development Goals 2030

We focus beyond Low Carbon mitigation into Climate Adaptation and Resilience themes.

Farmer Centric Products

Our products are designed to focus on farmers interests and enable them to grow food sustainably.

The Agvesto platform

We use machine learning and AI to process Terabytes of data everyday and deliver real time risk analysis
and enabling clients to hedge their risk exposure.


We provide Insurance coverage (Seasonal and Annual) against Climate related hazards with risks underwritten by the carriers/MGAs. We also provide services to the Green Bond Issuers (Governments, States, Local Government/Municipalities, Corporates) in mobilising Green Capital using our Rich physical asset analysis


Are you a State, Municipality/Local Government or Corporate entity thinking about issuing Green bond to achieve SDG Goals? We cover Agriculture/Forestry, Energy and Water infrastructure themes. We assist in Portfolio construction for Green Criteria, Project and Loan level risk analysis, Risk rating that goes beyond traditional operator financials used by Investors and rating agencies. Please click here to learn about our offerings.

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Let us Protect you against climate hazards be being your trusted partner. Our platform works in conjunction with an Insurance Agency and we provide cover against Drought, Heatwave, Hail, Flood by partnering with Agencies, MGAs, Carriers. (Available in US selected states only).

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