Our Solutions

Enable clarity on portfolio risk exposures related climate and weather risks and assist financial organisations in decisioning - allocation of risk capital and adopting alternative risk transfer strategies.

We are entering a challenging era in Agriculture

We bring considerable expertise to this sophisticated and rapidly changing worldwide industry, using cutting edge
risk analysis and quantitative modelling techniques for innovative insurance products and covers that address
today's challenges including climate variability, volatile crop prices and an expanding list of perils.


Pricing agricultural risks and efficient
risk transfer strategies using ground
based evidence.


Protect supply chain disruptions and
shocks due to Yield and Price


Protect your portfolio returns under
high variable climate regimes.

The Agvesto platform

Derived using worldwide earth observation, climate and hyperlocalised data sources to deliver the Risk
related insights at scale via a Dashboard and API.

  • Risk insights for underwriting functions of
    insurance companies writing multiple
    peril and named peril covers.
  • Providing data and parametric triggers for
    pricing and managing index-based
  • Providing hazard and inventory modules
    for vulnerability estimation and loss
  • Trading research and strategies - Real time data
    derived using data sources.
  • Trading execution - Price volatility
    structures from data.
  • Weather derivatives - Threshold exeedance models
    and Hedging strategies (call/put options).
  • We provide pre-investment macro risk
    analysis on crop production, emerging
  • Data driven risk insights to understand
    of the drivers of sustainable return

Seamless integration and workflow

Dedicated server on demand
  • Best in class and easy to use workflow for
    risk management.
Client Side
  • Mapping interfaces to on-board farmlands.
  • Data visualisation suites and functionalities
    at required regional and global scale.
Programmatic API
  • Monitor the satellite driven insights onto
    product workflow.
  • AI/Machine learning derived field health
    and risk drivers for decisioning via API.
Agvesto Integration