Our Technology

Powered by data from real time earth observation
satellites, advanced climate science and financial
models on a high performance computing infrastructure.

Powered by real-time data

To make forecasts and risk analysis, our platform studies over 50 years worth of climate data along with
Gigabytes of satellites data and its computing engine has processed over 200 million acres of crop land
worldwide to deliver on demand risk insights via API.

Earth observation
  • NASA's latest generation of Radar and Radiometer satellites.
  • Infrared sensing technology - Optical imagery on demand.
  • Temporal coverage: global coverage every 3-4 days.
  • Spatial coverage: meter to kilometer resolution.
Climate, weather & ground data
  • Over 50 years worth of Climate indices.
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere oscillations (AO, NAO, El NiƱo).
  • Millions records of daily weather data - temperature, precipitation wind speed.
  • Heating Degree days (HDD) and Cooling Degree days (CDD).
Financial data
  • Historic Ag and Soft Commodities (Spot and futures).
  • Use of over 3 decades of Insurance portfolio loss ratio data by crop types and regions in selected countries.

What drives Agvesto's Risk engine?

"Climate can be more precisely represented as a set of probability distributions of the atmospheric
characteristics at different points of earth, while a particular realization of that stochastic process is what
we call the weather" -


Our risk engine is built using strong mathematical foundations to understand and
model the risks in two different scientific fields in order to evaluate their impact:
the climate science and the financial products. The engine deploys stochastic modelling
frameworks, dynamic models and empirical models to derive risk measures.

Our Risk computing infrastructure

Our solutions are built using high performance and low latency infrastructure for a global delivery.

  • Multi-region deployment with minimum latency
  • Private server instance available on demand
Compliance & security
  • Know your customer (KYC) features.
  • Document based verification features.
  • Information compliance - EU data protection and UK ICO.
  • Protection against DDoS, Bot, Crawlers.
Solution delivery
  • Dashboard and Mapping.
  • Restful API.

In summary

Agvesto works with our clients to have real time visibility of systematic and exogenous risk exposures
allowing them to sustain portfolio performance under emerging climate risk landscape.

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